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Empowering Refugee Women through Entrepreneurship and Education

The 241 Project emerged based on the training needs occurred due to the increased migration to Europe that started in 2015. Recognizing the indispensable role of women in sustainable development, the 241 Project focuses on fostering their engagement as mothers, educators, entrepreneurs, and influencers in shaping community policies. These women bear the brunt of conflicts, underdevelopment, and migration, facing barriers upon arrival in host countries such as language barriers and lack of skills. To address these issues in a sustainable manner, the project aims to offer migrant women the chance to build on their entrepreneurial skills through innovative online training programs, facilitating their integration and success in new environments.

At the heart of the initiative lies an online entrepreneurship course initially developed for Ethiopian women residing in the Netherlands. Tailoring its content to fit the legal and economic contexts of project partner countries, the course is set to evolve into a comprehensive 241FE online curriculum. A multi-pronged approach, including trainer handbooks and Train-the-Trainer programs, will ensure a robust support system for refugee women, guided by well-trained mentors online or via social media. These efforts will culminate in the annual launch of numerous 241FE courses, benefiting hundreds of refugee and migrant women across partner countries. The project’s lasting impact is magnified through dissemination plans, involving local stakeholders like labor market organizations, public libraries, and vocational training centers. Face-to-face interactions, network meetings, and a dedicated project website will facilitate knowledge exchange and the proliferation of intellectual outputs, resonating with policymakers and stakeholders to champion the significance of the 241FE initiative.

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