Introducing the 241 course – Module 5

Welcome to Module 5 “Start a Business“. This module guides you from idea to reality in establishing your own venture. With a focus on sustainable development, entrepreneurship is a powerful tool for social change and inclusion, especially for migrants and refugees. The 241 project empowers through entrepreneurial skills and online training, particularly for women.

Discover the steps to start your entrepreneurial journey. Use our resources to turn your talents into profit. Whether alone or with a partner, begin with a strong idea and commitment.

Crafting your idea is an art. An adept entrepreneur conveys their idea through keywords and stories tailored to different audiences. Use smartphone videos to capture your pitch from different angles.

Navigate legal structures that suit your business goals. Consider options for different countries. Think about liability, revenues, partnerships, and profits. Each structure has its implications.

Module 5 equips you with insights and tools to turn your aspirations into a successful business in the changing world of entrepreneurship.

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