Introducing the 241 course – Module 4

Discover Module 4 “Business and Digitalisation Strategy” and learn about using digital tools for successful and scalable businesses. Despite digital challenges, we believe in using technology for innovation, idea generation, and market expansion. The digital world offers ways to enhance entrepreneurial skills, launch products, collect feedback, and boost local economies.

Dive into the world of digital transformation. Explore the importance of digital skills for inclusive economic participation. From online courses to virtual libraries, this journey covers tech changes and equips you with essential digital knowledge.

Uncover the art of brand strategy to build a strong identity in today’s dynamic market. Learn about brand visuals, typography, and emotional connections. Use social media, like creating an Instagram plan, to engage customers with templates, metrics, and great content. Understand the value of partnerships, bringing together public, private, educational, and community players. Learn about building relationships with a business mapping exercise. Improve your networking with a LinkedIn Selling Index Score assessment and create a powerful elevator pitch in under 2 minutes.

Empower yourself to navigate the digital world, combining innovation with sustainability and partnerships for growth. This module helps you reshape industries, make a difference, and lead with smart digital strategies.

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