Introducing the 241 course – Module 3

Explore Module 3 “Creativity” and begin a journey of innovation. In our commitment to better lives for migrants and refugees, creative thinking shines. Women, as mothers, educators, and entrepreneurs, drive change. This course taps into their ability to influence policies and societal progress.

Understand the heart of creativity – shaping new ideas from imagination and finding solutions. Cultivate creativity by seeking new experiences and conversations. This module offers tips and inspiration to nurture creativity for your projects.

Discover the importance of creativity through TED Talks and engaging exercises. Test your creativity with the Alternative Uses Test. Embrace a growth mindset to improve through practice.

Learn about intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Understand how a growth mindset and positive outlook enhance creativity. Use discipline, planning, and organization to shape your ideas.

Explore rules that boost creativity: curiosity, collaboration, and problem-solving techniques. Use tools like the “5 Whys” and Six Thinking Hats. Map your creative journey from idea to realization. Nurture creativity by tending to ideas, embracing discipline for innovation. Design your path, set milestones, and bring your ideas to life. With insights and tools, shape your creative destiny and revolutionize innovation.

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