241 female Entrepreneurship

Sustainable development for the inclusion of migrating and refugee populations can only be attained if women are involved, as mothers, as teachers, as workers, as political entities, as entrepreneurs and/or when a gender sensitive policy environment is created for them to influence community and social policies at the higher level.

Our Course on Female Entrepreneurship for Migrant and Refugee Women is Out!

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This is 241FE!

Women are the primary victims of the intertwined causes of conflicts, underdevelopment and migration.

To address these issues, in a sustainable and humanitarian way, migrants should be offered assistance in building a new life in the respective host countries by developing, testing and implement new concepts of train the trainer programs for online training offering migrantwomen the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

Come with us as we create networks, opportunities and links between possibilities and practice for women in the real world!

We aim, through our Online Course, to give refugee, asylum seeker and migrant women the material possibility to start learning on entrepreneurship, promote their creativity and empower themselves!

The Course is Easy to follow and everyone can choose their own path through its 6 independent but interelatable modules and how to follow it!




Check Our tools for Trainers!

The Trainer Handbook and the Train-the-Trainer Programme are helpful tools to have skilled trainer- coaches and will enable them to guide refugee women and their relatives.
Finally, it is important that offering 241FE courses is not incidental, but continued by embedding in existing local and regional social and educational infrastructures.

Review our Guide!

The Guide of Learning Network Environments will be a helpful tool for the partner organizations in the project to create a supportive learning environment for the refugee women.
While the availability of personal guidance and coaching will be important as well, and sometimes, crucial to support refugee women in their learning.

Why Us?

Female Entrepreneurship is for All of Us!

Take action, create networks and links with other entrepreneurs from all over Europe and the world! Follow Our Cource!

Let's Create Together!

Contact Us and give us new ideas, request support and join our trainings! 

Our Objectives

Enforce Critical Thinking
Our happiness 100%
Promote Creativity
Our motivation 100%
Share Success stories
Our success 100%
Foster Entrepreneurship
Our goal 100%

Project Partners


Stichting CERES is a grassroot initiative that promotes the crucial role of women in our worldwide Food Security. CERES engages and activates 'frontrunning' women both professionally from the 'golden triangle' (education, government, business) and more than 250 ambassadors from over 50 women organizations throughout The Netherlands.


Developing Advanced Forces and New Ideas activates in the field of Life Long Learning by implementing courses in non formal VET and Adult Education. Main target of the institution is to provide those opportunities in order to include individuals and groups in the society and assist in their empowerment.


COOSS's main objective is to support the integration of disadvantaged people through the provision of social, assisting, care, educational and training services and to propose interventions to meet the different needs of the local community.


MedWomen is the network of professional women leaders of initiatives that promote innovation in female entrepreneurship* in the city. * Specialized programs for women entrepreneurs and/or vulnerable groups.